How Monica is making it happen this week

Posted at 3:12 PM, Jul 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-21 18:40:14-04

NEW YORK — Melissa Young, like most parents, tries to shield her 8-year-old daughter, from the dangers of the world. But she says she wondered what if the danger is in her home?

Young said the leaks in her ceiling started last year. She alleges she has tried to get repairs, even went to court, and the leaks are only getting worse.

"I bought a two tents. Just to avoid being homeless," Young said.

PIX11 reached out to the New York City Housing Authority. A team of workers was plastering her home Friday.

In Woodlawn, John Murphy wants his neighbor to clean up his property on 236th Street.

Murphy says the owner has three properties, all in a row, and all three are unkept.

Longtime resident Jeannie Bell called it "deplorable.

"Something has to be done," Bell said.

We reached out to the Health department and the Sanitation department. Both agencies sprang into action.

The Health department says it's aware of conditions on the property, and a Commissioner’s Order was ordered on July 13. The Health Department will be following up with a compliance inspection. The Department of Sanitation is looking into the matter to determine what can be done. The owner is cleaning up the property.

On Ocean Parkway, 12-year-old Nolan Vayzman says it breaks his heart to visit his 71- year old grandmother's apartment. He said there are problems in her apartment from floor to ceiling.

"I try to help her and nobody is listening," Vayzman said.

PIX11 News reached out to management and within minutes a manager was at her door, promising to do repairs first thing Monday.

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