Follow-up Friday: Toddler gets pediatric wheelchair, Islip mother’s critical eye surgery will be covered

Posted at 7:02 PM, Jun 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-30 19:02:31-04

NEW YORK — Monty Capers says she desperately needs a pediatric wheelchair for her oldest son, 3-year-old Christopher.

"He makes me smile. He makes my heart skip a beat. He is suffering," said Capers.

Christopher Capers was born with cerebral palsy.

Right now, he is sharing a stroller with his baby sister, Malaysia, which is a tight fit for his long legs.

"He's very long for a child for his age. So it's uncomfortable for him to be positioned like this. He needs the chair for pre-school on July 7th," said Capers.

PIX11 News reached to a company with a generous spirit called Rehabco. Rehabco delivered Christopher's chair in 48 hours.

Jacqueline Kotschenrwurher is a survivor and a fighter. A domestic violence survivor, she says 10 years ago, during a fight with her husband, her husband shot her in the back. Kotschenrwurher survived the ordeal but became paralyzed.

"I'm angry. But I forgive him. Now I have make the best of my life," says Kotschenrwurher.

Now in a wheelchair, she says her home is now her world, and it's falling apart. Her bedroom walls are constantly dripping water.

"I can't sleep," said kotschenrwurher.

We reached out to the New York City Housing Authority for answers. NYCHA says they first took care of the problem back in April.

A spokesperson for the New York City Housing Authority says,

“All NYCHA residents deserve to live in well maintained homes. This reoccurring leak is unacceptable and we will find a permanent solution. A specialist will inspect the resident’s apartment tomorrow to find and resolve the underlying leak as quickly as possible."

NYCHA sent a team of workers to fix the wall.

Arianna Padilla, 25, from Central Islip says watching her 8-month-old son grow is her biggest joy. But Padilla was given bad news by her doctor.

She says in just a matter of months, she will lose her sight.

"I'm already experiencing problems with my vision. I can't drive and it scares me," said Padilla. Padilla needs cataract surgery in both eyes and suffers from severe diabetes.

The cost of treatment is $1500 an eye. Living paycheck to paycheck, she says she can't afford it.

"I don't have the money," said Padilla.

PIX11 News called her insurance companies and doctors and she got a call.

"Health First and my doctors will cover the surgery," said Padilla.

PIX11 News will follow Padilla every step of the way during her recovery.

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