PIX11’s Marissa Torres turns her baby bump into art

Posted at 5:57 AM, Jun 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-23 12:32:04-04

Our mommy to be is just six days away from her due date! In her pregnancy series, PIX11’s Marissa Torres has tackled finances, fashion, fitness and food, now she’s turning her bump into two pieces of art.

Marissa first enlisted in the help of Mollie Bollers, owner and founder of Hoboken’s Women’s Wellness, where belly casting is a popular request from moms-to-be. It’s the perfect way to celebrate a pregnancy. Not only is it fun but it’s also safe and easy. For more information on how to get your own beautiful belly cast, visit their website:

The creativity didn’t end there. Next up, belly painting! Made popular by Mariah Carey back in 2011, is still a great way to commemorate the growing bump.

When PIX11 Viewer and award-winning special effects make-up artist, Stephanie Sabo, reached out to Marissa with a belly painting offer, she couldn’t resist. For more on Sabo’s work, visit her Facebook page: