Single mom says used car dealer swindled her out of 2 years’ worth of savings

Posted at 9:55 PM, Jun 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-15 10:49:28-04

WEST ISLIP, Long Island — “I honestly don’t know how you can look at yourself in the mirror.”

That’s what car buyer Susan Bohlmann said to Gus Sousouris, who owns DPA Autos in West Islip, Long Island.

“Unbelievable how you take advantage of people who work hard for their money while you scam them," she continued.

Why is Susan so angry?

A single mother of twin teenagers, who’s been driving a beat-up old car with 255,000 miles on it, she paid Gus $5,667 for a 2012 Nissan Altima. Gus didn’t actually have the car, but told Susan the car would be delivered by a wholesaler in Kentucky. The date of delivery, according to the contract Gus signed, was April 3.

But the car never arrived.

Gus said he was swindled by the wholesaler. It turns out the car wasn’t in Kentucky. According to the Carfax report, it was at a dealer in upstate New York.

Who is the wholesaler? Gus told me he didn’t have the full name or address, but claimed his attorney had that information.

He also said the attorney had the invoice proving Gus paid the wholesaler for the car. I asked for a copy of the invoice, but never got one. When I asked Guy if he intends to give Susan a refund, he said, “I’m doing my best to get the money back. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds available to give it back.”

Susan is furious.

She told Gus, “I saved two years to get this car so my kids could learn how to drive in a nice, safe car. You took every penny I have from a single mother that has no support but herself."

She told me she doesn’t believe Gus ever paid the wholesaler for the car. She reported him to the Suffolk County Police but was told it’s a civil matter, not criminal.

She’s thinking about hiring an attorney.

“I’m gonna get my money back, every penny,” she said when we confronted Gus in his office recently.

He replied, “You are, that’s for sure,” and said he planned on returning her money by the end of the week.

She doesn’t believe it.

“That is what you told the police detectives for the past three weeks," Susan said.

Gus Sousouris has been accused of cheating consumers before. A year ago, the Nassau County District Attorney charged him with grand larceny for allegedly posing as a home improvement contractor and taking almost $6,000 to renovate a couple’s kitchen, but never doing the work. The charges were dropped after Gus paid back all the money.

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