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NYC food carts, trucks must display health inspection grades soon

Posted: 10:26 AM, May 30, 2017
Updated: 2017-05-30 17:37:35-04

NEW YORK — Soon New Yorkers will know just how sanitary their preferred pretzel and halal carts are.

Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to sign a bill into law Tuesday requiring food trucks and carts to display letter grades based on their health inspections. Street food vendors will be treated like restaurants.

“You go to a food cart, and you really don’t know its sanitary condition,” Karen Koslowitz, the bill's sponsor, said in February. “The consumer has a right to know to what degree a cart is in compliance. This way the public can make an informed choice as to whether to eat at a particular food cart.”

The Health Department has required restaurants to display their letter grades since 2010. Businesses get an A, B or C grade based on the number of violations and fines. The lower the number, the better the grade.

Under the new law , street food vendors would also be required to display their grades. There are about 20,000 street food vendors in the city, according to the Street Vendor Project.