Best apps to help with financial planning

Posted at 7:01 AM, May 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-26 07:28:14-04

A few apps you can download for free on your smartphone designed to get rid of some of the stresses of financial management.

It’s time to say goodbye to trying to keep track of who you owe money to with Venmo that will be a thing of the past. this app allows you to seamlessly transfer money from your bank account to someone else’s, as long as they have the app as well. By connecting you bank account or credit card number you can always immediately pay back whoever just picked up the check at dinner or whoever filled the car up with gas on a roadtrip. Venmo is available on the app store and on google play.

2) The second app we’re going to take a look at is called Digit. Basically, it’s an app designed to help you save money you may not have realized you had in the first place. It automatically scans your income and spending patters and transfers a small amount of savings that it deems you wouldn’t necessarily need into a separate account that the app manages. You would be able to withdraw from the account at any time, but you cannot make interest off of it.

3) For our final app we’re going to focus on making and keeping our budgets, which can definitely become difficult. That’s where good-budget comes in. you can access it online or download it from the app store or google play and your account will sync with all of your devices. The app splits up your money into digital ‘envelopes’ based on your wants and needs. It gives you ‘regular’ envelopes for frequent expenses like rent and groceries. then, you have your "more" envelopes to allocate money to other funds. through this you’ll be able to more carefully monitor and limit what you spend on different things.

4) if "Envelopes" aren’t your thing, you should check out the "You need a budget" app, "Y-Nab" for short. this is another budget app that helps you divy up your paycheck each month, but also will sent you helpful tools and tricks along the way for even more saving. the app will help you set and reach your financial goals. Like the other apps we talked about, it also is available on the app store and google play.