Sisters from Manchester on vacation in NYC share what week has been like following attacks

Posted at 6:45 PM, May 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-25 18:45:47-04

NEW YORK — Catherine Delaney and her three sisters Patricia, Pauline and Marion, find themselves in the city they planned to be in for months prior to this week — but now, all they think about is their home, Manchester.

"We get news that's it happened in Manchester, you know it's awful, we just can't come to terms with it, because we are not there with the family."

Patricia says they even informed their family of their intentions but they had a simple message.

"We wanted to go home, but the children told us to stay because there is nothing we could do anyway. We just feel like you want to be together with them."

The four sisters arrived to New York City on Sunday just 24 hours before the attack at the arena they live a mere ten minutes from.

When asked what it says that an attack like this happened in Manchester where it's home and you always believe your home is safe?

"You're not safe. You're not safe anywhere are you."

In fact, the attack hitting much closer to home considering that they had a loved one at the show.

"Our nephew was on security working at the arena the night it happened."

But the sisters say he's OK.

"He's fine. He got home fine," said Pauline.

When informed that in New York City we have a heightened awareness for the potential of a terrorist act and whether or not there is a concern on that level in Manchester, Catherine responded, "Nothing like we've seen here.

Patricia then quickly added, "Oh yeah the airports and things, you've got he armed police because we don't have the armed police."

Whether it is Boston, Paris or Manchester, terrorism can happen anywhere at anytime. However, cities have strong foundations. Their spirit defined by the fortitude and perseverance of the people who work and and live within them.

So it interesting to note that while on vacation in New York City, these four sisters found themselves at a midtown pub on Wednesday afternoon. They came for the pints and to cheer for the "Reds" as they call them, Manchester United. It was their way to be connected to back home during this tragic week.

It is just one memory they will take away from a week designed to celebrate Marion's 60th birthday, but what they will also take with them is the compassion of a city who has endured their own heartache.

"When they know we are from Manchester, they have been absolutely amazing," said Catherine with Marion adding a variety of "Condolences now, how sorry they are, they've been lovely."

More often than not, New Yorkers have a tendency to be that way.