Bushwick residents tell landlord they won’t be bribed, intimidated out of their homes

Posted at 5:50 AM, May 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-09 05:50:30-04

BUSHWICK, Brooklyn –– The residents of three established buildings in Bushwick, came together on Monday night.

Their message was simple, passionate and also directed at their landlord of just over a year.  The residents made it clear, they are not taking buyouts or allowing challenging conditions to persuade them to move from their rent stabilized apartments.

"They just want all of us out and it's our responsibility to say Hell no we won't go. Hell we won't go," said one older resident.

The tenants and their attorneys say the owners of their buildings, Graham and Gregory Jones, are not making repairs in the units of established renters.  One man telling PIX 11 News, he has had a discolored ceiling patched up for approximately two years.

Martin Needelman, an attorney for Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation, says the landlord is focusing on those units they can rehab to get top dollar.

"If a landlord can make $3000, $3500 dollars for a two bedroom apartment, and somebody that has rent stabilization is struggling to pay $900, $960 dollars a month for rent, then they'll do anything possible to get them out," he said.

In the case of 920 Bushwick Ave. residents say the landlord has numerous ongoing construction projects.  The permits on the doors at the entrance provide an idea of the projects inside the building.  As a result, various units have doorways covered in plastic, but as PIX 11 News discovered dust is still collecting in common areas and residences.

One resident in Spanish saying there is much dust and odors that are not healthy.

PIX11 News did receive the following statement from Graham Jones on Monday night.

"These allegations are completely false and I have not seen one shred of evidence to substantiate or support any of these claims. The lawyers for the tenants, Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A, have many instances where they have acted unethically and that will all be exposed at a later point in time".