Howard helps injured teen

Posted at 10:24 PM, May 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-08 22:24:17-04

Jennifer Newcomb couldn’t understand why the doctor was ignoring her. All she needed were papers to submit to insurance for the stem cell treatment he’d given her son.

“The doctor has been ignoring me. I have sent him several emails,” she told me. “I need things to submit to m insurance company so I can possibly get money back.”

She needs the money to help care for her son Austin. He was critically injured after getting hit by a car four years ago when he was 13. Austin suffered catastrophic brain injuries. Twenty surgical procedures and 4 years later, Austin cannot speak and has limited movement of his arms and legs. His parents are desperate for anything that may help him.

The physician is Dr. Joel B. Singer of Park Avenue Stem Cell. Jennifer says Dr. Singer came across as a caring professional. But Dr. Singer has had his problems. He was fined and disciplined when he was a plastic surgeon In Connecticut. The state’s Department of Public Health tells us he’s still on probation there.

But when I called him, Dr. Singer was professional. He conceded he’d been remiss in not sending the papers. He said he had had an assistant and thought she’d done it. But just minutes after my call, the doctor sent the papers to Jennifer.

Now we can only hope the stem cell treatment does some good for Austin.