Nicki Minaj offers to help fans pay for tuition, student loans

Posted at 4:40 PM, May 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-07 16:56:19-04

NEW YORK — Nicki Minaj is helping her fans get through school with a little financial help.

The generosity kicked off Saturday when the rapper posted to Twitter about an online contest to hang out with her and go to the Billboard Music Awards. Her talk of spending big money prompted Twitter user @CJbydesign to send her a meme asking if she’d pay for their tuition.

Minaj responded telling the student that if they showed her straight As and could verify it with their school, she’d help pay.

Her offer to pay for their tuition set Twitter ablaze with fans asking for help with tuition, student loans and school supplies. Minaj extended the offer to other fans as long as they had all As.

According to FOX 59, a Ball State University student named Kyle is one of the fans the “Starships” singer is helping out.

Kyle showed Minaj a screen shot of his straight As in classes such as chemistry, physics and personal finance. She then asked him how much he needed.

TMZ reports more than two people have received money from Minaj.

One person got a check for $500 from the rapper. They said she reached out to them in a direct message on Twitter for their bank information.

Minaj said she may help out other students in the next few months.