Taco pizza is the latest craze at this Hoboken pizza joint

Posted at 11:13 PM, Apr 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-18 23:13:33-04

HOBOKEN, N.J. — Taco Tuesday is taking off. Except it's at a pizza joint.

Tony Boloney's, a pizza and sub shop in Hoboken, is serving up massive pies filled with tacos. And the customers love it.

"I like it because it has two of the best things; tacos and pizza combined," Rebecca Appuliese told PIX11 Tuesday night.

But Appuliese was not the original customer base.

"A bunch of kids came in and they were stoned as hell and were like 'yo dude, make us some tacos,'" owner Michael Hauke said laughing.

Instead, he made them taco pizza.

This specialty night, formerly under the radar, has turned into a sensation. News of the crazy concoction spread by word of mouth, then online and now hundreds of people line up for taco Tuesday.

"We have 286 on preorder. Last I checked, we had about 40ish people waiting for a whole taco pizza and another 30 or 40 waiting for slices. So maybe 350 pies we'll do by the end of the day," Hauke said.

There are three tacos on each slice and a lot of calories.

"We live in the Bronx and we came out here. We had to try it out," Jeff Plescott said. "I think it was worth it."

His wife enjoyed taco pizza as well. Although she was already thinking about how to burn it off. "We have to go to the gym tomorrow," Aura Plescott said.

An entire taco pizza is $75. Each slice is $10. And, yes, it's only on Tuesday.