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NYPD officer accused of flashing teens claims evidence proves his innocence

Posted at 8:35 PM, Apr 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-18 09:57:58-04

NEW YORK — NYPD detective Robert Francis pleaded not guilty Monday on charges that he exposed himself to five teenage girls.

According to the 11 page criminal complaint, prosecutors say Francis stood outside of a 14-year-old's window naked and masturbating.

Another page says a 15-year-old told police he was “standing in her backyard exposing his penis and stomach and shining a light upon his exposed body."

Prosecutors say he exposed himself to three teenaged girls from February to March.

His lawyer Peter Brill says they have the wrong guy because three of the victims described the suspect as a white person.

"Mr. Francis is clearly not white. The other two never identified Mr. Francis," said Brill.

Rockville Centre police initially posted a safety warning on Facebook, telling residents the suspect was "probably white."

Commissioner Charles Gennario explains the victims were traumatized and only saw Francis briefly.

"They quickly ran away and they were in fear," the commissioner said. "They glanced to see what was going on but they were scared."

Brill also suggested Francis was interrogated for hours and the detectives coerced his confession.

Gennario says his department was accused of giving Francis preferential treatment. When he was charged, he was given a desk appearance ticket

"We treated him like everyone else," said Gennario.