Save while you shop using these apps

Posted at 8:46 AM, Apr 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-12 08:46:14-04

Shopping is dangerous. Everything is just a click or a reach away, and impulse shopping can diminish our paycheck more than we’d like. But there are various apps we can use to save big time.

Here to give up the top 5 is TheStreet’s personal finance editor Ross Kenneth Urken.

Overspending is a problem. In fact, the average American spends $1.33 for every dollar he earns, according to the Census Bureau. But we can combat that differential with technology.

Check out these apps:

SnipSnap You don’t want to act like your grandmother and take crumpled up paper coupons to a store. SnipSnap solves that problem. Take a photo of a printed coupon and the SnipSnap app captures all the text and images, and turns it into a mobile-ready coupon that for most retailers and restaurants.

Download the app on iOs or Android…and before you go shopping, get some great cash rewards on products by completing tasks (like taking polls or learning facts about a product. Then go shopping at a store supported through the apps. But it’s not done. Then, once your scan your product barcodes with the app and submit a picture of your receipt, you’ll be in the clear to get more cash rewards in your Ibotta account.

Shopkick makes your retail experience into a game. Shopkick gives users “kicks,” the platform’s version of points. It’s pretty easy to earn them, simply by physically entering a store for example, and eventually they can be redeemed for giftcards. Another way to get kicks is by scanning a barcode at a particular store, even for items you haven’t purchased, or by buying items on Shopkick’s list at participating stores and submitting a copy of the receipt through the app. It all sounds a little nuts, but there’s nother crazy about free money.

It’s an app that allows you access to an arsenal of circulars and coupons for more than 70,000 merchants. You can search for coupons by product and retailer …or use geo-location to find deals near you.

Honey is a browser extension that finds and applies coupon codes at checkout. Hunting for coupons is the worst and opening a new browser window at check out to track down possible promo codes is nauseating. Instead, Honey tracks those discounts down for you while you’re shopping on sites like Amazon, to Expedia, Groupon, Bloomingdales, and Overstock.