WATCH LIVE: Will April the giraffe have her baby this weekend? Zookeepers say ‘baby is kicking, just not coming out!’

Posted at 7:31 PM, Apr 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-08 19:34:36-04

HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. — Zookeepers at Animal Adventure Park say that the giraffe’s pregnancy is moving along. Saturday’s update is exciting. Her veterinarian says, “She is big, full of milk, baby is kicking, just not coming out!”

Animal Adventure Park began streaming on Feb. 23 on YouTube showing April preparing to give birth, drawing worldwide attraction. An exact date and time of when April will be giving birth is still not known.

This will be April’s fourth calf and the first for the father, Oliver. The calf will weigh around 150 pounds and be approximately 6 feet tall at birth. The video was initially removed after animal rights activists flagged the videos as “sexually explicit” before being restored.

Animal Adventure Park posted this update to their Facebook page Saturday:

“Allysa reports April remains the same as evening prior. Not much other to report on that front. She is big, full of milk, baby is kicking, just not coming out!”

The Zoo posted this update to their Facebook page Friday night:

“Well Giraffe Fans, here we are approaching another weekend without a giraffe calf… Tonight I decided to have a little pep talk with April to see if we could try to nail down a day, week, month or any sort of time frame… In this photo she is pretty much telling us what she thinks about that plan…
On a more serious note, everything looks great with our big girl. She is acting completely normal. Her appetite has returned. She is still showing us all the signs that she is almost ready. There is no reason for worry about her or the calf’s health. She just isn’t quite ready yet…”