Travel hacks to save money on your next trip

Posted at 6:48 AM, Apr 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-07 11:03:45-04

Cheap Travel Destinations

 There is always a good time to get a little R&R but does it have to blow the bank? Find out the top five inexpensive places to vacation.

The segment will highlight both domestic and international locations that have great flight deals, inexpensive lodging, entertainment and food and a favorable rate.

1. Nashville which has been touted as the new Brooklyn, the southern town is full of great places to eat, great sites including the Country Music Hall of Fame and a full size replica of the Parthenon.

2. Guadeloupe flights as cheap as $79, the sleepy island is part of France and has eco-tourism, 9 rum distilleries and a great culture sites including the Memorial Acte, plus food is cheap.

3. Budapest you can get a 4 star hotel as low as $80. Take a tour of the Danube river, the parliament building and the Opera house and their famed thermal spas.

4. Nicaragua   where Costa Rica has gotten the most attention, flights as low as $250 round trip bring you to a great climate, cheap food and lots of discovery and history.

5. Vietnam if you are a foodie, Vietnam is your next food tour, healthy and cheap meals that are less than $3. A year round tourism season and

Five tips to $ave while traveling

Avoid these costly snafus when you travel and you can come back with money rather than blowing your budget.

1. Avoid excess baggage fees. If you score a flight on a low cast carrier, check how much they charge for baggage, it isn’t always worth it. If you are on a legacy carrier, you can use a credit card for free checked in luggage but keep it light and carry on.

2. Call your cell phone carrier to avoid roaming charges. Use free wifi and app services like Whats App.

3. Stock up at local markets/grocery stores for meals and snacks.

4. Use a credit card that does not have foreign exchange fees

5. Pre pay for tours/ train tickets avoid third party brokers.