Spring clean your closet with these tips

Posted at 8:04 AM, Apr 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-04 10:42:37-04

Fitz, a new in-home service, that believes a well-organized wardrobe and a trusted style advisor are fundamental to looking your best. This new service seamlessly organizes your closet, helps you edit your wardrobe, facilitates the resale and donation of items you no longer want and makes personalized shopping recommendations to create your dream wardrobe. Fitz Stylists can also build outfits for you, helping to refresh your style and create new looks!

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, former co-founder of Gilt and Glamsquad, founded FITZ

Fitz Tips :

· Good-quality matching hangers go a long way. Make sure your clothes on hangers face the same way (like a question mark) so they look neater and can make it easier for you to “shop your own” wardrobe

· The more you see, the more options you have
o use clear boxes to store shoe collection and remove purses from dust bags and fill them with bag stuffers
o color coordinate your closet – ROYGBIV

· Fold your clothes vertically in the your dresser drawers so you can store (and see) more

· Lighting – add lights to your closet so you can see everything in there – even in those nooks and crannies (we can bring ones that easily can stick to the walls…cheap)

· If your closet is well organized, it’s easier to “shop your closet” and create amazing outfits with what you already have

The promo code is FITZPIX and is valid through the end of June. It will grant someone $50 off their first Fitz appointment.