April the giraffe: ‘it looks like we will have an April Fools baby’

Posted at 8:55 AM, Apr 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-01 09:16:47-04

HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. — April the giraffe is demonstrating “odd behavior,” but the drastic changes in her attitude, eating habits and physicality are all expected and prompting veterinarians to say, “it looks like we will have an April Fools baby!”

“Everything she is doing is surely pointing to her going into labor soon,” the Animal Adventure Park posted to Facebook late Friday. “
It looks like we will have an April Fools baby! 
Who could have ever predicted this, unfolding as it has. The perfect ending. April — waited for April!

The upstate New York park began live streaming April in February. Since then, hundreds of thousands — and often times millions — of faithful watchers have monitored her every move.

Zoo keepers are unsure of when April and her companion Oliver mated, prompting the months-early start to the now nationally known live stream.

Veterinarians Friday began to appear confident that April will give birth at any moment.

“Her behavior has changed drastically from yesterday to today. She is less engaging, hesitant to eat her feed (and treats) and unresponsive to a lot of various stimuli,” they said.

Viewers will likely notice April standing and staring off into space, squinting, stretching her neck and back legs, and demonstrating “odd behavior,” according to veterinarians.

Those with a keen eye may also see her abdominal wall tense at these moments.

These are all signs she will go into labor soon, the vets say, noting watchers should not be concerned.

Just a day into the launch of the initial April live stream the videos were taken down multiple times after viewers flagged it as “sexually explicit.” Zoo officials at the time claimed this was in protest of April’s captivity.

Since then, the video has been restored, and besides the occasional streaming hiccup, all signs are pointing to the world getting to see April give birth — if they so choose.