What is going on with women and Wall Street?

Posted at 6:51 AM, Mar 31, 2017
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What Is Going on with Women and Wall Street?

We have a movement going #beboldforchange
It is our time, there are very few of us women on Wall Street and we are trying to change that.

What are the events that are causing all of this?
March 8th was International Women’s Day and Equal Pay Day is April 4th.

What is the Fearless Girl?
It is a BOLD new landmark on wall street to bring attention to the lack of gender diversity on wall street. The location of this “Fearless Girl” is adjacent to the famous 7,100-pound Wall Street statue of a Charging Bull.
It caused a bit of a controversy since the creator of the bull said it violated his work. Mayor Bill de Blasio says it is staying until next year’s international women’s day at least.

What does it Symbolize?
It’s meant to symbolize the role of women in finance, and in business more generally.

Who Put it Up?
It was Commissioned by Boston’s State Street Global Advisors.
They want more women on boards and in power positions. They created a gender diversity index with the symbol SHE.

What is Gender Investing?
Gender Investing is a new way to invest.
Companies with more women in leadership roles may perform better than those with less gender-diverse teams. Some women may prefer to invest with companies

What about the Wisdom from Women on Wall Street?
The same day March 8th Investment News honored 20 women in the profession, called Women to Watch Awards. I was one of the recipients of this award.
Women are 23% of the profession so small but mighty.

Some of the Leadership lessons I learned from the women are:
Deena Katz the winner of the Alex Armstrong award Chairwoman, Evensky, Katz/Foldes Financial Wealth Management Encouraging women to do two things: ‘Put your love for this industry in action this year—be a mentor and share your experience. Second, visit high schools and colleges and dispel the myth of swindlers and sharks.’
How you rebound from your adversity in life is how you succeed – Cary Carbonaro, CFP®, Managing Director, United Capital –Author of the Money Queens Guide
Recognize we have influence; a village of a thousand role models – Lisa Dolly, CEO, Pershing
Be realistic and enjoy the journey – Hollie Fagan, Managing Director and Head, BlackRock Inc.’s, RIA and Sub-advised Businesses
If you think it, you can become it – Stacy Francis, CFP®, CDFA, CES, President and CEO, Francis Financial Inc.
Take a risk and allow yourself to be vulnerable – Lori Hardwick, Financial Services Industry Advocate
Disrupt-Change-Innovate, then you can grow – Susan Hirsch, Managing Director, TIAA Investments
Hug the monster and conquer what is holding you back – Debra C. Kriebel, Partner and Wealth Manager, Pinnacle Advisory Group Inc.
Work at a firm that supports your values – Katherine Mauzy, Principal, Financial Adviser Talent Acquisition, Edward Jones
Start putting your knowledge out there to make the world a better place – Carolyn McClanahan, CFP® President, Life Planning Partners Inc.
Have the courage to make the leap, and do more, and be more in the industry – Eileen O’Connor, CFP®, MBA, Co-Founder and Managing Principal, Hemington Wealth Management
There’s no such thing as balance; give 100% to what you’re doing at the time. Jane Larriva Rojas, Senior Vice President and Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley
Speak up, don’t complain—be part of the solution – Amy L. Smith, President and Private Wealth Adviser, Smith & Associates, Ameriprise Financial Services
Never underestimate the power of a fresh young mind; we can learn so much from them – Peggy Ruhlin, CFP®, CPA, CEO, Budros, Ruhlin & Roe Inc.
The financial planning profession lets you make a difference in someone’s life – Karen P. Schaeffer, CFP®, Managing Member, Schaeffer Financial
There is power in numbers, even low numbers; be part of each other’s success – Margaret C. Starner, CFP®, Managing Director, Financial Planning, Starner Group of Raymond James
Shine the light on other people – Kara Underwood, Head of Wealth Management Diversity and Inclusion, Morgan Stanley.
Always do what you do with passion and do it every day – Catherine “Cathy” Weatherford, President and CEO, Insured Retirement Institute
Be a boss; don’t lose your femininity – Jocelyn D. Wright, CFP®, MBA, Chair and Director, The American College State Farm Center for Women and Financial Services, Founder and Managing Partner, Ascension Wealth Management