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Hundreds of parking spots to be used for car-share program

Posted at 1:31 AM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-23 01:31:01-04

The New York City Council has passed a bill that will give 600 parking spaces for car-share companies. The measure was passed Tuesday.

The city is designating 300 on-street parking spaces and 300 spaces in city-owned lots for car share companies like Zipcar and Car2go.

The reasoning behind this - that making life easier for car sharing will convince New Yorkers to get rid of their performance vehicles and utilize car-sharing.

But the program is a tough sell for city drivers already frustrated by Citi Bike taking up parking spaces.

"If you want to put your car in a space you have bikes taking up spaces that drivers could be taking up," said Nicholas Pacheco.

Pacheco says he has to budget 30-45 minutes to find a spot.

"Especially with the parking signs they're confusing when you're trying to find legitimate parking it's really a hassle for New Yorkers and now the city should've thought this through. 600 spaces for pool cars and how many people live in this city? The ratio is off. What they should've done is given 600 spaces designated for residents of each neighborhood, like permit parking," adds Pacheco.

For those who live outside the five boroughs and feel they must drive - selling their car is not a option.

"It will make it more difficult and rates in the parking garages are outrageous," said one New Jersey resident who told PIX11 she and her family come into the city often.

This is expected to be a two year pilot program.

Right now the city is not saying exactly where these designated spots will be but Washington heights, Astoria and Park Slope have been mentioned as possibilities.

Mayor de Blasio is expected to sign the bill into law.

The following is a statement from Council Member Mark Levine, prime sponsor of the bill designating 600 parking spaces for car-share companies:

"New York is home to more than 1.4 million cars, and as anyone who's ever looked for a parking spot in Borough Park, Forest Hills or anywhere in Manhattan knows all too well, it is a brutal and time consuming process. Car sharing programs have extraordinary potential to solve this problem while increasing quality of life by reducing road congestion and growing the number of people who have access to cars. The quality of life, economic, and even environmental benefits of these programs are significant. The research is clear that for every one shared car put on a city street, between 5 and 10 less fuel efficient cars are taken off."