MTA fare hikes goes into effect; MetroCard more expensive

Posted: 9:00 AM, Mar 19, 2017
Updated: 2017-03-19 09:00:17-04

New prices went into effect Sunday for the MTA.

NEW YORK — The latest MetroCard fare hike went into effect Sunday.

The fare has increased six times since 2009 to fund the mass transit system. The hike impacts all MTA bridges and tunnels, Metro-North, Long Island Railroad, the subway and the bus riders.

Unlimited 30-day MetroCards now cost $121 – a $5 increase from just yesterday. The cost of a weekly MetroCard increased just a dollar from $31 to $32 dollars.The basic swipe stays at $2.75.

The bonuses on MetroCards have decreased as well. The bonus was 11 percent; that meant a $9 purchase came with a 99-cent bonus. As of Sunday, the bonus decreases to 5 percent, so a $9 purchase comes with a 45-cent bonus. The MTA has released a new fare calculator to help commuters figure out the bonus on purchases.

Drivers paying cash to cross MTA bridges and tunnels will pay between 6.3 percent to 9.1 percent more. EZ pass users have a 25 cent hike.

Metro-North and LIRR fares have also increased up to 3.75 percent for a weekly or monthly pass.

The MTA has an estimated annual $13 billion budget. Reports show the MTA pays for about a third of that from fares and tolls.