Yonkers father indicted in Christmas Eve death of toddler son; second child found in living in filth

Posted at 5:35 PM, Mar 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-15 17:36:01-04

YONKERS — A father from Westchester County was indicted Wednesday on murder charges in connection with the death of his toddler son, who died Christmas Eve 2016 — along with other charges after his young daughter was found in horrendous conditions at their home.

Blair Robinson

Blair Robinson, 25, of Yonkers, is charged with second degree murder, manslaughter and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Police say on the night of Dec. 24, 2016, Robinson brought his unresponsive 2-year-old son, Alex, into the emergency room at John’s Riverside Hospital.

He reportedly told the staff the child was not breathing. They tried to revive the child, but he was pronounced dead a short time later.

Doctors and other members of the staff noticed bruises on the child’s back and contacted the police.

Officials later determined that the toddler suffered blunt force trauma caused by Robinson striking him, resulting in the child’s death.

Days later, Robinson admitted to police that he had kicked, whipped and beat the child in his head and torso earlier in the afternoon of Christmas Eve.

He then took a nap for approximately 90 minutes before finding the child unresponsive and taking him the emergency room.

During the investigation, police responded to the child’s home to find his 10-month-old sister on a mattress with no sheets in a cold bedroom, a bottle of curdled milk beside her.

The child was dirty and suffering from a terrible diaper rash, officials say. The living conditions were unsanitary, officials say, with rodent droppings on kitchen surfaces and bugs flying around inside the refrigerator.

The female child was evaluated at Westchester Medical Center. The mother of the children was not charged.

Robinson pleaded not guilty at his arraignment. He is at the Westchester County Jail in Valhalla under no bail.

Robinson will appear in court on March 28, 2017.