Tips for escaping the cold, flying to warmer weather

Posted at 7:30 AM, Mar 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-15 11:05:14-04

If you're looking to escape this winter blast and take a flight to warmer weather, we have your prescription on how to stay well on the road.

TIPS for travelers:

Get Well: In The Hotel Sleep naked.
- Turn the temp down to 65 degrees, the optimal sleeping temperature, and let your skin breathe.
-Call ahead and ask for the minibar to be cleared out. (no alcohol/ completely dehydrating)
Remove high sugar, high salt junk food.
-Remote is the dirtiest thing in the hotel room
- Travel with wipes
- No BLUE LIGHT/ gadgets / TV/
- Sunglasses at Night (Controlling the Circadian Rhythm)

Get Well: On the Plane
-Prebook a seat that will allow you to be the most comfortable and either sleep or rest during your flight.
-Boost Your Immune System
- Water Bottle/ Stay Hydrated (Cabin Pressure is dehydrating)
-Essential Oils (Rub Oregano Oil, Lavender, Eucalyptus)
-Natural Oil Pills /
-Wet Wipes/ Wipe everything down
-Scarf (Protection/ Barrier)
-Compression Socks

Use Food to Keep You Healthy on the Road Pack
The Gut is the second brain - The GUT keeps us healthy
-Emergency snack pack of almonds, carrots, nut butter, etc. for the plan or if you get hungry at odd moments due to time changes.
-Take probiotics pills / Yogurt/ Kefir/ Kombucha
-Travel with activated charcoal to ward off illness and keep your stomach happy.
-Exercise / Sleep
-Fasting on the plane helps reset your body

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