Here’s how to save some money in stores

Posted at 10:00 AM, Mar 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-13 10:00:28-04

Who wants to wait for a sale? By then the stores often don’t have your size or it’s late in the season. Bobbi Rebell, author of “How to Be a Financial Grownup: Proven Advice from High Achievers on How to Live Your Dreams and Have Financial Freedom,” shares with some strategies to get your own personal discount on full priced merchandise.

Tactic 1- Bond with the salesperson- works best in smaller stores where they have more discretion

  • When you enter the store- find a salesperson and be friendly. The reason is that you want them to invest as much time in you, and making the sale.
  • Tell them what you are specifically looking for- it’s important that they know you are a “real” buyer and not just browsing
  • When you find what you like, talk about how much you like it, but make a discreet comment about the price- that’s it’s more than you want to spend, if only it were on sale.. etc..
  • Then say you want to think about it and go silent. Maybe make a call. But stay, and be cool. Often after a time they will get anxious and want to close the sale and will say something like "if you get it today I can give you 20 percent off."
  • If they don’t offer a discount, discreetly pull them aside, ask them quietly and nicely if they can do anything for you on the price. They will almost always say either yes- or “let me go ask my manager."
  • Don’t be greedy – if you get 20 percent buy the item and thank them profusely (but still discreetly- don’t let other customers know!) . Signup for their mailing list and be enthusiastic. You’ll want the discount next time.
  • DEPT STORE STRATEGY: Ask when the friends and family sale is happening, and if you can get the discount on pre-sale. Usually worth 20-25% on in season merchandise. Also if you see a slight imperfection- that’s usually worth 10 percent off.

Tactic 2- the local discount

  • When you are paying simply ask- do you offer a locals discount- ? This can be local resident- or someone who works locally. Or Do you offer a tourist discount?
  • Not a local? I’ve been asked if I’m a local- and said no- but can I get the local discount for being honest about not being a local, got a big smile- and a discount. If they have the discretion to give a local a discount- they can give one to you too.

Tactic 3 - online

  • Honey browser extension - It will automatically search for coupons for you. You install it in advance. Click on the button, it searches and then will apply the discount so you get the best price.

Tactic 4 – better late than never

  • If you do buy full-price and it goes on sale- there is not an app to get your discount.
  • PARIBUS. If you buy something online, link your mailbox to the app. Send the receipt to the mailbox (Which most stores will do for you) Not only does it let you know if the price drops – it gets you the difference back from the merchant. THE CATCH: They take 25% of what you get back.