Tips for a good night sleep

Posted at 1:48 PM, Mar 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-10 13:50:11-05

It’s National Sleep Awareness Week, and Trae Bodge, smart shopping expert at, shares her top 5 tips and products guaranteed to help us get as many quality zzzz’s as we can, despite the interruptions.

"Don't underestimate the importance of a high quality mattress. There are so many options on the market, but I like Reverie Mattresses ($1500 and up at because they deliver customizable support through a variety of firmness levels and support points. They can be easily reconfigured at any time and you can even adjust each side of the bed individually so you and your partner can both have the level of firmness you prefer.

Find your perfect pillow. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the pillows they love. Right now, I'm into the JCPenney ModernHome Gel Overlay Contour Memory Foam Pillow ($70 at It's hypoallergenic, with a plush, memory foam construction; its gels also cool it down for maximum comfort (great for those with hot flashes or night sweats). It also encourages back sleeping, a huge anti-aging plus!

Go high tech. I'm always looking for cool new gadgets, and the Beddi by Witti Design ($99 at is like an alarm clock on steroids. It plays white noise to lull you to sleep and it wakes you up slowly with sunrise simulating light, which gets progressively brighter 30 minutes before your alarm sounds. It will also charge your smartphone, functions as a speaker for Spotify or Apple Music, syncs with your UBER ride, provides real time traffic and weather updates and is compatible with your other smart home devices! There’s a free mobile app where you can customize your settings.

Consider a sleep aid.

You may have experimented with sleep aids in the past and woken up groggy in the morning. I like the Gaia Herbs Sound Sleep ($18.31 marked down from $27.99 at [SomnaPure%20Natural%20Sleep%20Aid] because instead of Melatonin, which causes grogginess in some people, it contains Valerian Root, Skullcap and Passion Flower. I found this on, which offers its members great prices and free unlimited 2-day shipping and returns.”

Prioritize your child's sleep.
We all know that if your child doesn’t sleep, you don’t sleep. The Cloud B Peaceful Panda ($32.95 at is the newest in Cloud B’s collection of sleep soothers for newborns and babies. It can be attached by a strap to the crib - or the stroller or diaper bag when you’re on the go - and features eight soothing sounds to help children drift off to sleep. The removable sound box enables you to set the Panda to automatically turn off the peaceful sounds after 23 or 45 minutes - the perfect amount of time to help infants sleep through the night."