Queens DA gives $20m to NYPD for neighborhood policing

Posted at 11:25 AM, Mar 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-06 20:48:39-05


QUEENS — The Queens District Attorney's Office will give more than $20 million to the NYPD to support neighborhood policing, officials said Monday.

The NYPD will receive $20,391,864 in asset forfeiture funds. The money, which comes from the seizure of criminal assets, will be distributed across Queens' 16 precincts.

"In essence, it heralds the return of a familiar figure – the cop on the beat who knows the people and the community he or she serves," DA Richard Brown said. “This more neighborhood-oriented style of policing will go a long way in helping to enhance overall policing strategies and police/community relations while optimizing officer and public safety.”

The District Attorney's office received the money from a 2012 settlement from HSBC after HSBC admitted to money laundering and sanctions violations. The company forfeited $1.256 billion as part of a deferred prosecution and the Queens District Attorney’s office received some of that money.

There's a plan in place to break down the amount of money going to different areas:

  • Vehicles - $11,291,214 - An estimated 264 vehicles will be used in precincts across Queens.
  • Tablets - $2,709,582 - The tablets will be for recruits and trainers.
  • Automated External Defibrillators - $1,997,347 - CPR training will help officers save lives.
  • Flashlights - $1,587,500 - New recruits are currently required to buy their own flashlights. This will save them that expense.
  • Training Mats - $336,025 - The mats currently used by recruits are in poor condition.
  • License Plate Readers - $127,973 - Readers will be used at the NYPD Training Bureau.
  • Maintenance Contract - $99,250 - The money will go toward equipment maintenance.
  • Computer Hardware/Software - $57,774 - This will be used to develop professional graphics for training exercises.
  • Mannequins and Accessories - $51,693 - Mannequins provide crucial police training.
  • Police One - $390,000 - This will provide continuing education for officers.
  • Leadership in Police Organizations - $45,000 - This will provide continuing education for NYPD trainers.
  • Driver Trainer Simulators - $60,326 - This will support maintenance and software upgrades.
  • Upgraded Gun Holsters - $1,638,180 - New holsters will contain an automatic locking system.