De Blasio to unveil plan on combating homelessness

Posted at 7:04 AM, Feb 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-08 16:17:08-05

MASPETH, Queens – Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to unveil his plan to fight homelessness this afternoon.

The New York Times reports the Mayor is expected to announce adding 90 new shelters to the 275 already in place, and make them part of a system that helps transition families to more stable homes while keeping them in neighborhoods close to their children's schools.

To say New York has a homeless problem would be an understatement. New Yorkers readily see the fallout from a broken system on the streets and sidewalks daily, where there is a noticeable increase in those without a home -- many asking for money. And it's not for lack of spending.

The shelter system that is so over capacity that the city is forced to spend about $400,000 a day on hotel rooms. And that has grown contentious.

Last summer when community members in Maspeth loudly protested converting a Holiday Inn to a homeless shelter – the neighbors prevailed. But Queens is still home to the largest concentration of converted hotels used as temporary housing.

The Mayor has said it is his job to fix this issue and better house the 60,000 people without a home in New York, where the problem has been growing as it has in Los Angeles, DC and San Francisco.