Howard wants funeral home to live up to its deal

Posted at 10:16 PM, Feb 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-27 22:16:24-05

NEW YORK — Maribel Garcia and her brother Ricardo had a tough time when their mom died last September.

Besides dealing with her death, they say they now have a big problem with the funeral home.

They received a check from their mom’s residence for $25,000 the day before the funeral. But Maribel says they couldn’t cash it. The banks were closed.

So people at the funeral home told them to sign over the check to the funeral home and owner Elefterios “Terry” Filipoussis would take out the cost of the funeral (almost $7,000) and give them the balance back.

Guess what. It didn’t happen. Why not?

“We don’t know,” Maribel told me. “He’s been hiding. He’s been hiding!”

In other words, Marible says, Mr. Filipoussis has been ducking their requests for their money.

So, with Maribel and Ricardo along, I paid a visit to the funeral home. Terry Filipoussis was out of town. When I got him on the phone, he denied he owed any money. He said he’d paid them and we made an appointment for the next week when he said he’d show me the proof.

So, a week later, I went back with Maribel and Ricardo. Mr. Filipoussis stuck with his story. But he did not produce a shred of evidence that he’d paid the money they say they’re owed.

Maribel says the funeral home owner isn’t telling the truth.

“He’s lied to you in your face. In our face, too…It’s just inhumane."

Unfortunately, it looks like the next stop for Maribel and Ricardo is court… and a lawsuit.