$3 billion spent annually on car damage caused by brine: AAA

Posted: 7:13 PM, Feb 21, 2017
Updated: 2017-02-21 19:13:39-05

CHATHAM, N.J. — De-icers sprayed to keep our road safe, but they will also do a number on the undercarriage of your car.

A mixture of salt and liquid, brine is cheaper and more effective.

New York and New Jersey spray over two million gallons of the stuff per winter, on average. It works better than plain road salt, because it sticks to the pavement and pre-treats the roads in an effort to melt snow upon contact.

But brine can also eat away at the metal and paint on your car, as well as burn through gas and brake lines.

“Unfortunately, it’s the trade off we get for safer roads,” said Cathleen Lewis of AAA Northeast. “The things we use to make sure our roads are safe are also corrosive to our vehicles so we need to make sure we maintain them so that doesn't happen."

Hitting the car wash right after a storm is one sure fire way to get the acidic solution off of your car.

Triple AAA says that nationwide, people spend a combined $3 billion a year on repairs caused by this problem.

Warning lights, a soft feeling when braking, loud exhaust pipe or the smell of fumes or gas when parked and your vehicle is running are all tell-tale signs of trouble.

AAA and mechanics alike recommend maintenance around this time of year, when winter is winding down.