‘Good Morning Astoria’ parody web series poke fun at local morning TV news shows

Posted at 10:53 PM, Feb 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-17 22:53:17-05

ASTORIA, Queens — What do you do if you're a millennial, a comedian, you love your neighborhood and you want to make fun of morning tv news shows?

You create Good Morning Astoria!

Good morning Astoria is a parody web series created by Kevin Bauer and his roommates that is hyper local about changes in the neighborhood they live in and love — Astoria.

"It feels like small town, right near a big city," creator Kevin Bauer told PIX11. "There's something about the vibe that makes it feel like her me," he added.

Using their dining room table as the anchor desk in their apartment and an IKEA photo of the Brooklyn Bridge as the background for the set, these friends from Ohio State created a comedy/morning newscast which deals with all things Astoria from the rising price of eggs at a health food store on Broadway to the Shia LaBeouf controversy at the Museum of the Moving Image art installation.

"We thought of calling it Good Morning Queens," Bauer said, "but Good Morning Astoria seemed a better idea...and I would say it is a tribute to TV news."

With Aaron Nemo as the weatherman and Dan King as a sportscaster, the three roommates thought this YouTube project would be just a fun idea for their Facebook friends, but after just two episodes, it seems to be taking off and could turn into a money-making venture.

The next episode will be taped next month so stay tuned.