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More New Yorkers than ever are graduating from high school

Posted at 1:59 PM, Feb 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-10 17:09:47-05

NEW YORK — New York’s high school graduation rate hit a historic high in 2016, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday.

The city’s rate was just under 73 percent; just 15 years ago, only 51 percent of students in New York City graduated from high school.

“Our public schools are unquestionably the strongest they’ve ever been,” de Blasio said. “We’re graduating more students than ever before.”

The statewide graduate rate was at 79.4 percent last year, a slight increase from the previous year. Officials saw the largest improvements for Hispanic and Black students. Asian students are the most likely to graduate from high school, the Education Department data shows.

More than half of the 2.6 million students in New York state public schools are considered economically disadvantaged. Graduation rates are connected with economic disadvantaged rates.

Graduation rates rose and dropout rates fell in all five boroughs in 2016. The Bronx saw the largest increase in graduation rate.

“We are raising the bar at every school in every zip code,” de Blasio said.

More than three-quarters of graduating seniors go on to college, de Blasio said.