February Celebrations—Masks, Hearts, Red Carpets, Oh My!

Posted at 9:12 AM, Feb 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-10 09:12:33-05

There’s nothing we love more than celebrations and with February being jammed-pack with events, what better reason to throw a party? As everyone knows, it’s not a party unless it’s a Party City Party. Check out a few tips for throwing Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, and Oscars-viewing parties.

Kid Friendly Valentine’s Day: With Valentine’s Day landing on a Tuesday this year, you can set your little love bug’s heart aflutter with a kid friendly Valentine’s Day celebration that is perfect for the home or in the classroom!

Color Scheme/Aesthetic

  • To start off our celebration, we decided to stick with a classic and cute light pink tablecloth as our base, with pops of red and bright pink. But to put a quirky twist on this classic color, add hints of Caribbean Blue for an unexpected dose of kid friendly color.
  • Love will definitely be in the air with these bright pink, red, and transparent polka dot balloon bouquets. Party City has a huge assortment of Valentine's Day balloons starting at just $1.99; they are a perfect and budget-friendly way to add a WOW factor to your celebration.
  • We accented the table with red heart cut outs and heart shaped centerpieces. We also used glitter heart buckets and pretty pink mason jars filled with white crinkle paper to display some of our favorite party favors.

Candy Buffet:

  • We paired pink and blue sixlets, gumballs, candy sticks, lollipops and jellybeans from Party City’s Candy City isle to create a sweet display your kids will love!
  • The kids can fill up one of these red heart favor boxes with their preferred treats - and even gift them to their classroom sweetheart!
  • We’ve inserted rock candy sticks and heart picks into the candy buckets and stuck sticky foam hearts to the clear candy containers for some added
    Valentine’s Day flair. Along with the candy buffet, a cupcake tower will serve as the table centerpiece, showcasing tasty cupcakes adorned with heart shaped picks and baking cups.

Party Favors/DIY:

  • An awesome DIY activity to enjoy with your kids is making these classrooms friendly goodie bags to send off to school!
  • For the goodie bags we simply filled our Key To Your Heart cellophane treat bags with V-Day pencils, krazy straws, stickers, cards, and necklaces and finally secured them with colored curling ribbon.

Photo booth:

  • Have your little cupcake burn off the extra candy sugar by striking silly poses in front of a customized photo background.
  • Use sticky tack to adhere polka dot pink wrapping paper to a wall or simply stick conversation heart cut outs up (or do both!) and use as a DIY photo back drop.

Awards Party: It’s officially awards’ season! With Hollywood’s biggest night just weeks away, we have everything you need to produce an “award-winning” watch party.

Glam Station: 

  • Welcome your guests and make them feel like a part of the “A-List” by rolling out a red carpet that will lead them to the “Glam Station.”
  • Get your friends camera ready with Party City’s ritzy “Hollywood” accessories, including glittery top hats, wigs, boas, gloves and sunglasses to block out a paparazzi flash.
  • Have guests play Awards Show Bingo to make the party an interactive experience. For your younger guests, keep them interested by having them create their very own Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star, with construction paper, finger paint and cut out stars.
  • During commercial break have everyone walk the red carpet with all of their accessories while other guests vote for best dressed, crowd favorite and most creative. Give the winners their own “Hollywood Star” with these adorable trophies.

Five Star Finger Foods:

  • Being a VIP definitely builds up an appetite. We have a couple of creative ideas to set the scene for a perfect Hollywood buffet.
  • A popcorn buffet for guests to enjoy while the award show winners are announced, with an array of toppings – black, gold, silver candy, peanuts, sprinkles and different seasonings.
  • An “A-List” event calls for “A-List” food! We have stuffed mushrooms, finger sandwiches, salami and cream cheese bites and my favorite macaroons. We’re serving these delicious treats on paper plates that look like Hollywood clapboard, which are perfect for the theme and make for an easy clean up!
  • Using a hot glue gun, we put these fancy bow ties on our champagne flutes and utensils to give our buffet a “black tie” feel.

Jazz Up Mardi Gras: Mardi Gras is right around the corner and with these simple and budget-friendly tips, we will show how to bring the Bourbon Street tradition right into your home!

Gold, Green, Purple… and Glitter:

  • Mardi Gras is all about beads, beads and more beads but masks are the main
  • In the center of the table, we used a golden masquerade mask – surrounded by giant beads and festive boas, guests can feel free to pick up and wear.
  • We love to showcase spray centerpieces in plastic containers on top of gumballs to add a little glitz to this decoration/candy display.Decorating With Masks and Hats:
  • Whether you plan to celebrate on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans or with friends and family at home, beads, masks, boas and vibrant colored accessories have to be apart of your festivities.
  • This clear ice bucket was made fleur-de-fancy, by adding a mask to the front of it along with a parade of beads in the ice to add some Carnival color.
  • Place a gold platter filled with masks, glitter hats and bead necklaces for your crew to mix and match to create the perfect Mardi Gras outfit fitting for the glitz and glam of New Orleans’s Fat Tuesday.
    • These fun and glamorous accessories start as little as $0.99, and are also available in variety packs for any party size.Feast For Bourbon:
  • Mardi Gras is filled all about tradition, and no Bourbon Street tradition is complete without a drink table.
  • Jazz up your champagne flutes with tri-colored sugar sprinkles! To create this party favor all you'll need to do is rim the glasses in either lemon juice or honey and dip them into a bowl of sprinkles that's divided into the three colors.
  • Put all your favorite cocktails and sodas into purple, green and gold drink ware, and add fun details to the table.
  • Mardi Gras calls for Fat Tuesday paczkies but if you cant get your hands on any. make a King Cake for your guests to enjoy, complete with your favorite icing and decorated with green, gold and purple sprinkles and beads
  • Create a mini candy buffet throughout the table that will double as a holder for hats, and themed headbands. Guests are free to grab gumballs, sixlets or rock candy throughout the party.

Everything you see here can be found at your local Party City store. There are 63 stores in the New York City area, and you can always visit our Party Ideas Gallery on to find even more great ideas and tips!