5 steps to a better intimates drawer

Posted at 9:10 AM, Feb 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-08 09:10:14-05

Valentine's Day is the perfect time of the year to overhaul your underwear drawers. It's get some new bras, get rid of those "orphaned" socks and buy some new and improved underpinnings.

Shopping and Style expert Susan Redstone has what’s new and noteworthy in the underpinnings department, and how to improve things, "underneath it all."

The stores are crammed with the best underwear in February partly because of the huge selection ready for Valentines Day, and it’s the perfect time of the year to take stock of your intimates drawer.

Step one:

  • Do an edit! Empty it out, all on the bed! Arrange into categories. T-shirt bras, strapless bras, thongs, socks, everything.
  • Be honest and toss what’s tired. Anything with underwire that’s re-shaped from washing. Be honest with yourself about what you mostly wear and what to stock up on. Collect up all orphaned socks, remove from drawer, recycle as cleaning supply.

Step two:

Select bras for your clothes, not the other way around. Buy more than one in the category you use most. Get re-measured if you have to. Then pick new shape, right size.

NOTE: And never tumble dry bras!!!

  • Ambrielle Push up Bra at JC Penney under $40 (adds a cup size!)
  • DKNY Intimates Bralette (for teens) $34 at
  • DKNY Intimates Balconette $46 at
  • Thirdlove does half sizes in bras! 24-7 Classic T Shirt Bra $68

Step three:

Refresh the bulk of your panty stash. Psychological boost! Packs of three, packs of 10. Thong in a box
Is a great girlfriend gift too. Pick styles for your most worn clothes. You do not have to splurge here as some of the best stuff is totally affordable.

  • Ambrielle panty at JC Penney $10
  • Thong in a box At JC Penney $12

Step four:

Add a category you’ve never owned before: Babydoll? Garter belt? Nightgown?

And get on the trends: Right now its urban, modern poplin lace. White. And wine-colored. And large watercolor florals.

  • DKNY Intimates white Chemise (+thong) $50
  • DKNY Intimates Cheeky garter $26
  • JC Penney floral nightgown $48

Step five:

Update your socks and tights. Get the highest quality you can afford in hose. On-trend is “Micro fishnets” wick-away workout socks and replace the most used (opaques) as they ‘pill’. Do update your workout socks, they work hard!