Ways to maintain work/life balance

Posted at 4:46 AM, Feb 07, 2017
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If you’re finding it difficult to juggle the demands of your career and personal life, you’re not the only one. A 2015 study by Ernst & Young revealed 1 in 3 workers say maintaining a work-life balance has become more difficult in the past five years.

Lisa Brown Alexander, president of Nonprofit HR, stopped by PIX11 News to discuss steps people can take to stay sane at work and at home.

Here are the six steps one can take to improve their work-life balance:

  1. Know thyself: It's okay to vocalize and own your limitations. Take charge of your personal brand, communicate your likes and dislikes. Superwoman/man is simply a comic book character.
  2. Work out: You will release endorphins, feel better and keep stress and drama at bay.
  3. Be intentional with love: Healthy emotional connections are essential to your well being. Be purposeful about connecting to and fostering relationships with people who nurture your spirit and help you experience love.
  4. Take time for self: Get out the house, enjoy life and make time for fun. Do what you love to do – your career, family will thank you.
  5. Give self a lift: Change hair, makeup and style to usher in confidence as you pivot for opportunities.
  6. Forgive self: We are not perfect, and because you want to enjoy life does not mean you are not a good person– you are a important and must cherish self.

 Alexander's book "Strong on the Outside, Dying on the Inside," is available online and in stores.

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