Single mom in Brooklyn desperately needs health insurance for sick son

Posted at 8:11 PM, Feb 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-07 11:14:22-05

BROOKLYN — Roberta Strickland lost her job in November.

She is now studying to be an EMT, but she needs help obtaining health insurance coverage in the meantime because her son desperately needs medical support.

"I keep getting bills and I can't sleep at night. I worry all the time," said Strickland, who met with PIX11 News during her lunch break.

Strickland's 7-year-old son has a medical condition that causes seizures. She said since she is unemployed, getting affordable health insurance is a challenge.

"I get the runaround and no answers," Strickland said, adding that she reached out for help from the New York State of Health Insurance Plan.

PIX11 News reached out to the State Department of Health and they immediately sprung into action.

"The consumer submitted the needed documents," an agency spokesperson said. "Our customer service staff has spoken with the consumer and her coverage issue is resolved."

For more information about the NY State of Health's plans, click here.

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