EXCLUSIVE: Cops share heartbreaking moment NYPD Officer Randolph Holder was fatally shot

Posted at 11:24 PM, Feb 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-03 23:24:43-05

NEW YORK — It was an instant headline maker — it's been more than a year but to the officers involved it feels like yesterday.

A young NYPD officer, Randolph Holder murdered, shot dead while trying to arrest a violent suspect.

While fellow officers rush to the scene, they hear gunshots.

Deputy Inspector Reymundo Mundo said, "that's when we heard the call, shots fired shots fired-Wallace came over and said his officer was shot, officer down and he stated, 'get help, hurry up my partner is shot.'"

Imagine what is going through the minds of all of the officers responding, to the scene.

Police office Michael Vega said, "this was just an uncomfortable feeling nothing I have ever heard before, I will ever forget because you hear the shots coming over the radio and you know this is for real we are in this."

At that point Vega and Mundo realize how serious it was. An officer had been shot and a suspect was on the loose.

Deputy Inspector Mundo said, "it was tough, it was tough I thought I was nervous before, I thought I was nervous getting there but at that point I became scared."

Mundo was the commanding officer at the time at PSA 5, Det. Holder was one of his officers so with a heavy heart Mundo had to maintain a leveled head and push on.

"Thank God we had other supervisors there. I know there was another Captain there so I needed to go to the hospital with detective Holder, I knew I could rely on the other supervisors to manage that scene.".

Deputy Inspector Mundo and Holder's father developed a strong bond the two men are now like family.

Mundo spent months talking to his officers at the PCT to get them through grieving, he led everyone back out into the streets to protect and serve.

The Inspector wore two hats, one as counselor and one as someone who needed moral support himself.

The NYPD's Employee Relations Section or ERS worked to get Holder's family back to somewhat normal place and they help Mundo as well.

"It was tough, no training prepares you for it. you have to gather your thoughts and realize everyone is depending on you, they want to hear from you they want to know what is going to happen next."
the one think I knew how to do was to talk" Mundo said.