PIX Financial Fix: Super Bowl deals to watch out for

Posted at 2:04 AM, Jan 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-27 07:19:48-05

We're gearing up for the Super Bowl showdown between the Falcons and Patriots next Sunday. This morning's PIX Financial Fix is focused on the bargains before the game.


8.6 million Americans plan on buying a new TV for the big game
Shop 2 weeks before the Super Bowl for sales over 20% off

Competitive prices on 4K TVs (4 times the resolution of full HD) as manufacturers are already working on 8K models

Floor models or open-boxed TVs offer deeper discounts


Save $100 on previous versions of gaming consoles:

Get Microsoft XBox One instead of the “One S” released last Nov)

Get Sony PlayStation 4 instead of “4 Pro” released last Nov)

Sales on the hottest games released during the holidays:

40% off Titan Fall 2

40% off Uncharted 4

$10 off Overwatch


Papa John’s is the official NFL pizza sponsor

$11 for large “Ultimate MEATS” pizza, includes 5 premium meats

Offer from Jan 30 - Mar 30


Choose any two for $5.99 each

$7.99 for 3-topping carry out

Additional store-specific coupons

Pizza Hut

Hiring 11,000 jobs to meet Super Bowl demands

$10 for any large pizza, free cheese sticks for online orders

$20 Big party deal: 2 large, 2 toppings, breadsticks

Other Super Bowl Steals:

Furniture: companies are dropping prices to move inventory before February’s new models roll out

Flooring: sales have slowed down after the holidays so now is the time to negotiate

Exercise equipment: deep discounts to motivate you to work off all that junk food!