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New Jersey State Police arrest 12 alleged Red Breed Gorillas gang members in bust

Posted at 8:38 AM, Jan 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-23 08:38:16-05
(New Jersey State Police)

The 12 people arrested were charged with drug distribution, drug possession gang criminality and weapons offenses. (New Jersey State Police)

NEWARK, N.J. — New Jersey State Police arrested a dozen members of the Red Breed Gorillas gang, officials said Sunday.

They were charged with drug distribution, drug possession gang criminality and weapons offenses, NJSP officials said. The gang, a subset of the Bloods, controlled the drug distribution in a section of Newark.

Detectives arrested 12 alleged members in a massive sweep on Friday, police said. They’re still looking for nine additional members of the gang.

“From the highest ranking member to the lowest, all of the suspects of this illicit gang will now have to answer for their alleged crimes, which include selling drugs near schools and parks where children play,” said Colonel Rick Fuentes, an NJSP superintendent. “Through long-term investigations with multi-agency cooperation, we are able to dismantle sophisticated drug trafficking networks, which always bring violence and sorrow to the communities they affect.”

Police arrested and charged Kevin Clayton, 25; Aljuquan Thomason, 24; Yasim Smith, 19; Abdul Bryant, 20; Lyonel Finklea, 30; Bryant Hawkins, 39; Elijah Evans, 24; Quashyne Seburn, 24; Terrance Shells, 19; Alfatah Loyal, 31; Tyree Oxford, 23 and Tyre Sorbino, 18.

Officers seized a Glock .357 semi auto handgun, 168 decks of heroin, 94 vials of crack cocaine and thousands in cash during the bust.

Police are still looking for nine Newark residents also suspected to be members of the Red Breed Gorillas:

Ramon Finklea, 29; Jahob Loyal, 27; Yasin Hamilton, 25; Kevin Loyal, 28; Charlie Jones, 28; Nyreek Loyal, 21; Darnell Cogman, 44; Jahwon Christian, 21 and Naim Stewart, 23.

Anyone with information about the remaining suspects is asked to contact the New Jersey State Police at (973) 351-1063.