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Protesters brave rainy weather to protest Trump’s Cabinet picks outside Goldman Sachs

Posted at 2:24 AM, Jan 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-18 15:31:23-05

MANHATTAN – Dozens of demonstrators set up in front of investment banking firm Goldman Sachs on Tuesday to protest President-elect Donald Trump's Cabinet choices.

The protesters were voicing their opposition of Trump's selection of several former Goldman Sachs employees and advisors to his administration. They said they plan to camp outside the 200 West St. office until Friday's inauguration.

"We're taking a stand. We're getting our message out," said Alec Fleisher, a protester. "I get to say how evil people like the king of foreclosure Steve Mnunchin are."

But Trump, or any of the members of his Cabinet, have not yet been sworn in. To one protester, it's not about giving them a chance.

"Well, if I look through the [incoming] administration's history and past, I don't think I can give a person like Jeff Sessions a pass," Nelini Stamp said.

"I can't deny Steve Mnuchin and the things he did while he was Goldman and in charge of a bank during the housing crisis."

Trump has brushed off criticism of his Cabinet. He insists his choices have minds of their own.