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Kamiyah Mobley reunites with birth parents after she was abducted at birth 18 years ago

Posted at 10:26 AM, Jan 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-15 10:28:51-05

WALTERBORO, S.C. — A woman who was kidnapped at birth 18 years ago was finally reunited with her birth parents Saturday in South Carolina, as reported by the Daily News.

Kamiyah Mobley spent almost an hour with her birth parents Shanara Mobley and Craig Aiken as the family had an emotional reunion at the Walterboro Police Department.

In July 1998, a woman posing as a nurse kidnapped Mobley from University Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida when she was only eight hours old. She was raised by the woman, Gloria Williams, in rural South Carolina, and grew up with the name Alexis Manigo. She had no way of knowing Williams was not in fact her birth mother, and instead her kidnapper.

Williams was arrested Friday and faces a charge of kidnapping along with interference with custody in connection with the case. She could face up to life in prison, according to the Daily News. Police received a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children which led to Williams' arrest.

Over the years, police pursued over 2,000 leads in Mobley's case. The tip that led them to Williams will not be disclosed, authorities said.

Mobley was well-cared for while growing up with Williams, neighbors told the Daily News. Mobley cried in court and defended Williams, the kidnapper she always knew as her mother.

Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said Friday Mobley is in good health, but understandably overwhelmed by this new information, as reported by the Associated Press.

"She appears to be a healthy, normal 18-year-old woman," Williams said during a press conference.

A Daily News report says Mobley felt an inkling a few months ago that she may have been kidnapped, but authorities won't say what may have tipped her off. DNA analysis confirms she was the missing baby her family and authorities had been looking for since she went missing from the hospital years ago.