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Brooklyn man posts Craiglist ad offering advice, ice cream

Posted at 10:55 PM, Jan 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-11 22:55:06-05

CARROLL GARDENS, Brooklyn — When you are killing time at work looking at websites and see a Craigslist item headline: Is Therapy Too Expensive? I Have Ice Cream," you have to wonder, what is this all about?

"The idea is to have a friend," Anup Desai, creator of the Craigslist item, told PIX11. "Have some ice cream and have someone to listen to for 15 or 20 minutes."

He's a 32-year-old adjunct professor of geography and political science at the College of Staten Island who got this unusual idea.

If you think the average therapist is too expensive, at more than $200 an hour, why not come over to Brooklyn and talk to him.

"I think I have developed a talent," Desai said. "I like talking and I like listening."

Anup promises to listen to your problems and offer advice if you'd like some, plus you get to eat ice cream with him, all for just $25 in 20 minutes.

"Everybody likes ice cream," Desai said. "It's cool, it's refreshing and I think maybe it reminds us of our childhood."

Desai is starting up his startup,, a website where individuals and businesses can rent out their goods, services and spaces bringing together freelancers and employers.

I first met Anup more than five years ago. He was the unofficial spokesman for the leaderless Occupy Wall Street movement and this new website is, in a way, an outgrowth of that movement.

"I think if more people do little things like this, Desai says, and just see what happens, I think more people will be happy as they forge a new path and create some fun," he

I tried out the ice cream and the advice. It was a private matter, but both the advice and the ice cream were quite good.