Deer rescued from frozen Connecticut river euthanized

Posted at 7:47 PM, Jan 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-10 19:47:52-05

SIMSBURY, Conn. — The deer rescued from a frozen river had to be euthanized Tuesday due to its injuries, according to PIX11’s sister station WTIC.

The deer was trapped for hours Monday after most likely being chased by coyotes onto Farmington River in Simsbury, the state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection told the station.

For more than an hour, the deer remained stuck near the bank of the river, and those monitoring it hoped the deer would be able to free itself, a Simsbury Animal Control officer told WTIC.

Wildlife experts tossed sand on the ice in hopes of helping the deer gain footing, and it was seen unsuccessfully trying to leap to its feet.

A rescuer worker eventually lowered herself onto the ice, threw a blanket over the deer and pulled it to safety around 2 p.m., video of the ordeal showed.

The deer was not initially able to run off on its own, so crews carried it away from the river and monitored it.

After warming up, the deer got up and walked away, appearing to be just fine.

The DEEP planned to send the deer to Roaring Brook Nature Center as a final sanctuary destination, but after tranquilizing the deer, a veterinarian determined the deer’s injuries were too significant to treat.

The deer had a broken shoulder, a broken jaw and other small fractures, along with cuts and lacerations, causing it to lose too much blood.

DEEP officials decided the best course of action was to end its suffering, and euthanized the deer early Tuesday.