Will Hillary Clinton run for NYC mayor? Some think so

Posted at 2:45 PM, Jan 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-08 04:09:07-05

NEW YORK — Sources told the Daily News that Hillary Clinton has “left open the possibility” of running for mayor of New York City.

Clinton is reportedly being pressed by New York Democrats to dive back into politics and give Mayor Bill de Blasio some competition in the mayoral race later this year, according to well-placed sources within the party that spoke with the Daily News.

In a private conversation, Clinton apparently didn’t rule out running for what is often considered the second hardest job in American politics, but her possible challenge to de Blasio is still purely speculation, and Clinton has not confirmed any details publicly.

Rumors are also swirling on Capitol Hill that Clinton may pursue the mayoral office, just weeks after losing the presidential election to Donald Trump.

Most of this speculation is allegedly fueled by Clinton’s Democratic pals, still upset over de Blasio’s initial refusal to endorse her presidential bid during the campaign. He eventually did, but some Clinton supporters felt it was too late.

Others in Clinton’s inner circle have already put the presidential campaign behind them: former campaign chair John Podesta and advisor Neera Tanden were both seen at a fundraiser for de Blasio Thursday in Washington, D.C.

If Clinton does want to run, she will have to make up her mind soon: the Democratic primary is nine months away. And she and former president Bill Clinton will have to leave their Chappaqua home, or buy a new one: all mayoral candidates must live in the five boroughs by the time Election Day rolls around, according to state law.

Many believe that if Clinton did in fact run for mayoral office, her widespread general election support in New York City coupled with de Blasio’s low poll numbers would spell a win for her, according to the Daily News.

Some believe her local appeal is quite strong, while others think it’s easier to identify with Clinton when it comes to national issues rather than local ones.

If Clinton did run, and win, it would all but guarantee years of clashes between President-elect Trump and his former general election opponent.

De Blasio does not yet have another Democratic opponent.