Next-door neighbors fear abandoned Bushwick building will collapse on their home

Posted at 12:38 AM, Jan 05, 2017
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BUSHWICK, Brooklyn – An abandoned house on 58 Bleeker St. is giving its next-door neighbors in Brooklyn fits. Years of rain and tear down is a scary concern for the Prices who fear it will collapse on their home.

“I’ve been living here for 55 years,” said Bushwick resident Reana Price. “I paid my hard-earned money for this place and I don’t want to be destroyed by that house over there.”

What Price calls “that house over there” is an empty, falling apart home next door to hers on Bleecker Street in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn.

“That house has been abandoned ever since Ms. Sanchez passed,” Price said. “She’s been gone for 15 years.”

Fifteen years of total neglect.

“The stuff inside is weakening,” said Reana‘s son, Lee Price. “Fifteen years of rain and water coming through the hole in the roof. It’s messing up the infrastructure. It’s going to come down sooner or later.”

He fears for his family’s safety.

“So you’re worried that if this collapses, the common wall to your house will fall?” PIX11 reporter Arnold Diaz asked Lee.

“Yes, it’s going to fall in,” he said. “Like I said I have a disabled sister up there. She can’t get downstairs. You never know what might happen.”

For 15 years the city has done nothing, according to the Prices. Reana says the city’s building department has only entered the house and taken pictures.

The home on the other side of the decrepit house has already sustained damaged says homeowner Ella Mills.

“With the dampness and everything coming in the wall, next doors is pushing in the wall,” Mills said. “You could see it right through.

The fire department ordered her not to use this room. As for the buildings department… they only take pictures, according to Mills.

“They take pictures, they come back,” Mills said. “Back and forth and they’re just not doing anything. I think it’s terrible it went on this long.”

Taped to the door of 58 Bleecker St. was a buildings department report from last month in which the inspector says the home constitutes “a fire, health sand safety hazard” and recommends the structure to be demolished – which is what the neighbors have been callings for years.

“I want to see it tore down,” Lee Price. His mother said “If I could I’d tear it down myself.”

But as it turns out the home is not technically abandoned. It’s part of the estate of the deceased owner that’s now being settled in court.

A DOB spokesperson tells PIX11 “The Department will work with the owner’s family to correct the unsafe building conditions either through repair and demolition.”

Lee Price says they better hurry.

“They’re going to wait until the last minute and somebody gonna get hurt,” Price said.

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