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President Obama, first lady send final holiday address from White House

Posted at 4:58 PM, Dec 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-25 17:00:21-05

NEW YORK — President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama issued their last holiday address as the First Family on social media Saturday.

In a video uploaded to the White House YouTube page, the Obamas took a look at their first Christmas message in 2009.

“Tomorrow for the final time as the First Family, we will join our fellow Christians around the world to rejoice in the birth of our savior,” said President Obama.

During their time in the White House, they have welcomed over half a million guests and their pastry chefs have made more than 200,000 holiday cookies.

First lady Michelle Obama also joked that the president treated the American people to “countless dad jokes.”

The Obamas said this year’s White House holiday theme is the “Gift of the Holidays,” before thanking the country’s military families.

“The greatest gift that Michelle and I have received over the last eight years has been the honor of serving as your president and first lady,” President Obama said.