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Investigation into Gilgo Beach murders continue as documentary ‘The Killing Season’ released

Posted at 12:39 AM, Dec 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-16 00:39:17-05

It’s been six years since the first victim was found and yet there is no trace of the Long Island serial killer, responsible for killing and dumping prostitutes along Ocean Parkway.

Rachel Mills and Josh Zeman, the creators of “The Killing Season” on A&E are working to crack the case.

The killing season is raw and real, it takes a deep look into a case that has stumped even seasoned investigators.

Their investigation, which involves citizen crime fighters on the website, leads them to New Jersey, Florida and New Mexico, hunting for clues on the suspect.

The investigation was for a time stalled by former Suffolk County police chief James Burke, who blocked an FBI probe into the Gilgo Beach murders.

On Thursday, an escort came forward alleging she had sex with Burke during a "wild party" near where the bodies were found.

A PIX11 investigation found, when Burke was a police sergeant in the 1990’s, he was investigated by internal affairs for his relationship with a prostitute.

Days after the show’s last episode, the creators received a tip that has proven to be stunning new development in the search for the killer.

An unidentified murder victim nicknamed "Peaches," whose torso was found in Rockville Center, 19 years ago is believed to be the mother of a toddler found along Ocean Parkway.