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Oceanside man seen in viral alleged dog abuse video faces more charges

Posted at 7:42 PM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-12 19:42:43-05

Editor’s Note, May 18, 2018: The investigation into these allegations has been closed and no charges were filed against the subject, according to officials with the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office. The article below reflects the original reporting.

OCEANSIDE, N.Y. — The man who was allegedly seen physically abusing a dog in a very graphic video could face more charges in connection with the abuse.

Brian De Martino is the owner of NY Dogworks. It’s a business he’s run for years out of his home. Investigators and former customers say he was caught on camera ramming a caged dog repeatedly with a broomstick.

The video was recorded by De Martino’s girlfriend, according to former customers who’ve re-posted the video. It was originally leaked to Tommy Marrone, another former customer.

“My dog was beat worse than that dog,” Marrone said that he was told by the person who first sent the video to him. “It stuck in their mind and they felt terribly,” he told PIX11 News.

Marrone said that he’d posted the video online in an attempt to warn others about De Martino.

Marrone had taken his German Shepherd, Zeus, to De Martino’s training facility earlier this year, when Zeus was a puppy. Since his training, however, the dog is fearful, said Marrone.

“If you pick up a stick, the dog cowers,” Marrone said, adding that Zeus is afraid of most men. “Take him outside, he won’t go near them.”

“I was shocked,” said a neighbor of trainer De Martino, who’d sent her mixed-breed shorthair to him for training. She said that she was in disbelief upon seeing the video, which shows a man who strongly matches the appearance of De Martino engaged in severe abuse.

On Monday afternoon, two officers from the Nassau County Police Department were joined by four county building inspectors to inspect De Martino’s home. It is also apparently the location of his business, as evidenced by the NY Dogworks banner hanging inside the backyard fence and the dog food and water bowls nearby.

The police and buildings department investigations at the home came hours after De Martino had been in court, accused of assaulting the woman who’d recorded the video.

De Martino declined a request from PIX11 News for comment.

PIX11 News has learned, however, that De Martino is being investigated by Nassau County authorities for illegal use of his home, operating without a permit and construction without a permit. Animal abuse charges against him are expected as well.

“I don’t want him to go to jail for a long time,” said Marrone, a former police officer, who first posted the video. However, he added, “Hopefully, this man is not around an animal ever again.”