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New Yorkers not so sinful, new study says

Posted at 10:09 AM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-12 10:09:22-05

NEW YORK — Turns out New Yorkers are practically angels; at the very least they fall prey to the seven deadly sins less frequently than residents of other cities across the county.

New York came in 131st place in a Wallethub list of America’s 150 Most Sinful Cities, released Monday. The company created its list based on occurrences of anger, excess, jealousy, avarice, lust, vanity and laziness in each city.

It looked at key indicators of ‘evil deeds:’ violent crimes, plastic surgeons per capita, excessive drinkers, number of adult entertainment establishments and percent of the population who avoid the gym, among other factors, in the country’s 150 most populated cities.

New Yorkers never crack the top 10 in any of the sinning categories. The city’s worst trait is laziness; it came in 11th place in the category. New Yorkers are also relatively lustful and took the 42nd slot on that list.

Las Vegas lived up to its Sin City moniker and took the number one spot on the list.

Cities throughout the metropolitan are area ranked low on the list for the most part. Newark, NJ came in 80th, but is also the least vain city – it has fewer plastic surgeons per capita than any other city on the list. Yonkers – ranked on the list – has the fewest thefts per capita. Jersey City’s worst sin is avarice, but the city residents behave well overall. The city was ranked 130th on the overall list.

Source: WalletHub