Give your Christmas tree flair with these trim tips

Posted at 12:59 PM, Dec 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-07 15:42:29-05

There’s no wrong or right way to decorate a Christmas tree. …And these days, just about anything goes. There are plenty of trends that you may want to keep up with. Jennifer Lutz, brand ambassador for Tree Classics, shares her top five

1. Go online to find the widest selection and best quality artificial and real Christmas trees for your budget. Artificial trees don’t need water, they don’t shed and they can last for years, saving you money over time. If you still want a real, fragrant Christmas tree, get the freshest one you can find—many trees sold in lots are cut in October. Cut your tree yourself or order from a farm that will cut and ship it immediately.

2. Ornament Sets
Coordinated ornament collections make decorating easy and give your tree a polished, pulled-together look.

3. Beyond Red & Green
Don’t limit yourself to green and red. White and black trees make your Christmas decorations pop! There are trees and decorations available in every color of the rainbow.

4. LED lights
When it comes to energy efficiency, budget and safety, LED lights are a good choice. A single LED light bulb can burn up to 25,000 hours compared to a single incandescent light bulb at only 2000 hours. It is likely that you will never need to replace an LED blub on your Christmas tree!

An LED bulb uses about 1 kilowatt of energy per hour compared to an incandescent which uses at least 12 kWh. That translates to 92 percent savings on your holiday electricity bill.

LED bulbs are cool when lit and are often made of plastic, while incandescent bulbs burn warm and are glass. The LED bulbs are less likely to break and are safe to leave on even when you leave the house!

5. Dressing the bottom of your tree
We tend to focus on the top and branches, but don’t forget the bottom of your tree when decorating. There are tree skirts available to match virtually any decorating scheme. Tree collars are a fun, new alternative to traditional tree skirts. A tree collar has two hinged pieces that wrap easily around to cover your tree stand, making it look like your tree is sitting in a bucket, box or even a wine barrel!

If you want to try out some of these trends, check out some of these sites.