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NYPD cops acquitted in assault of Brooklyn teen

Posted at 12:15 AM, Nov 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-23 00:20:26-05

NEW YORK – The surveillance video shows NYPD officers Tyrane Issac and David Afandor chasing down a then 16-year-old Kahreem Tribble and then engaging in a physical altercation in Brooklyn.

When PIX11 News reported the story two years ago, it was following the officers' indictment. They were acquitted in a bench trial with a judge and no jury Tuesday evening.

Attorney Stephen Drummond represents Officer Issac.

"Officer Isaac is a military veteran," Drummond said. "He and his family are committed to serving the public. He runs to danger when the rest of us have the luxury of running away from it. I would hope that those who are at home, would take a moment to slow the tape down. Look at it, and be readily mindful that an officer doesn't have to wait for someone to assault them in order to exercise force. And that's what the evidence established in court of law."

Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Robert Walsh, who prosecuted the case, tells PIX11 he is disappointed with the verdict but respects Supreme Court Judge Danny Chun.

PIX11 also spoke with Amy Rameau, who represents Tribble in his civil case against the officers and the city.

"It's not any verdict I expected, given the evidence," Rameau said. "The evidence to me, appeared to be overwhelming. You've got a video with a kid with his hands up. I didn't expect this verdict I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed."