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NJ State Police warn parents about possible creepy clown sightings

Posted at 2:32 AM, Sep 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-08 02:34:08-04

NEW JERSEY — After multiple clown sightings in South Carolina and North Carolina over the past few weeks, authorities in New Jersey are warning parents in case clowns cause a circus in the area.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the New Jersey State Police discussed safety tips for parents and children in order to avoid any incidents that may put them in danger.

Police are “happy to report no suspicious or creepy clown activity [here in Jersey]” but think parents should be on the lookout since school is back in session and children are more likely to walk to and from school and home when they’re alone.

While some reports say the clowns in the Carolinas could be a publicity stunt, others are worried the clowns have bad intentions, since some seem to lure children with money, according to the Facebook post.

New Jersey State Police implore parents to talk to children, and tell them the following:

-Tell them who they can expect to pick them up in case of an emergency (a family member or close friend).

-Children should walk to school, or anywhere else, in groups. There’s strength in numbers.

-Children should never get into a stranger’s car.

-They should also keep a safe distance from strangers asking for directions or help.

-Tell children to scream and kick if a stranger grabs them.

-They should be aware of their surroundings. “Look around, stop looking for Pokemon,” the Facebook post reads.

-And, if confronted by a stranger who claims to be a police officer but isn’t in uniform, kids should find a nearby trusted adult.

NJ State Police also suggest that kids meet some of their local law enforcement officers so they recognize their faces out and about and in case of emergency.